First evening in Brecon.

At the end of a very straight forward journey we arrived at the Hampshire Mountain Centre in beautiful sunshine. After a tour around the centre, the children found their rooms, heaved their bags up the stairs, unpacked and undertook the task of getting duvets into duvet covers – some more successfully than others!
Then it was time to get kitted out with waterproofs and walking boots for the week ahead, housekeeping jobs were assigned and a much needed and delicious meal wolfed down.
After dinner everyone got into their gear and we went for a nightwalk up onto the hills behind the mountain centre. Unfortunately there weren’t many breaks in the cloud cover to see the stars or the moon but stomping around the dark countryside by torchlight was great fun.
Right now the children are getting into pyjamas ready for a hot chocolate and (hopefully!) a very good night’s sleep!
We’re all looking forward to new adventures tomorrow!