Brecon Beacons day 3

Wales gave us some of its best wild weather today. Heavy rain and high winds made all the activities even more challenging.

Group 1 had their turn in the caves. Again all the children managed to find the courage to crawl through the narrow letterbox. The waterfall walk was very dramatic – all the extra rain had turned the waterfall into a huge cascade, which they appreciated from a safe distance!

Group 2 battled against the wind and rain on the canal. Making a canoe go in a straight line is tricky at the best of times, but when the wind keeps blowing you backwards or into the bank it takes even more determination to keep going. But they did!

Group 3 braved the mountains. Due to the high winds they stayed a bit lower and walked alongside rushing streams and waterfalls in the relative calm of the woods. But then they headed uphill, scrambling up the steep slope into increasingly strong winds and needle sharp rain. It was very wild and quite challenging to even stand upright but the children kept going.

Every child today has shown real resilience in difficult conditions – and the staff have done pretty well too!