Remote Learning Support

What is Google Classroom?
You can read our introduction letter about signing up here.

Which devices can I use for Google Classroom? Google Classroom works on a variety of devices including laptops, phones, PCs, tablets and Games Consoles.  Most will work without additional setup, but for some devices, it may be best to download the Google Classroom App. e.g. for an iPad.

How do I add a photo to Google Classroom?: Here is a helpful Youtube Guide.

How do I access Google Classroom on Xbox/PS4?:

How does Google Meet work?

 By joining a Google Meet, you are automatically agreeing to abide by our Code of Conduct for these virtual meetings.

Why can’t I access my child’s work/Google Classroom?

Each day, when accessing Google Classroom, it is essential that you first log out of all other accounts (Google Accounts or otherwise) on that device. Now, sign into your child’s Durley Google account and access Google Classroom as usual. You shouldn’t have to request access to any resources if you are signed into our school Google Accounts!  Ensuring you are logged out of all other Google Accounts means you will be able to access all files and an automatic email won’t be sent to staff.

How do I find my way around Century Tech (KS2 only)?