Headteacher – Mrs Kirstie Baines
Assistant Headteacher – Mr Philip Male
SENCo – Mrs Kirstie Baines/Mrs Nikki Lawrence

Teaching Staff
Mrs Dolores Crowley Yr R and Yr 1
Miss Hannah Dawson/Mrs Laura Glautier (Autumn Term)  – Yr 1 and Yr 2
Mrs Jo May – Yr 3 and Yr 4
Mrs Jenny Dew – Yr 4 and Yr 5
Mr Philip Male – Yr 6
Mr David Burgess – Music

Senior Admin Officer – Mrs Amanda Pink
Admin Assistant – Mrs Mandy Maitland

Librarian – Vacant

Teaching Assistants
Mrs Jane Higgins (HLTA)
Mrs Laura Fealy (HLTA)
Miss Rebecca George
Mrs Karen Clegg
Mrs Amy Abraham
Miss Kate Goddard
Mrs Kelly Cook
Miss Elizabeth Goddard

Supervisory Assistants
Mrs Jeanette Ashton-Poole
Mrs Jane Higgins
Mrs Rachel Crouch
Mrs Kerry-Ann Humphires
Mrs Samantha Kidson
Mrs Sheila Weeks
Miss Katherine Watts

Caretaker – Mr Harry Baines

Cook-In-Charge – Mrs Nicola Cauvin
Assistant – Michaela Crane

Staff Structure for 2022-23