Our Curriculum

Our school curriculum at Key Stage 1 is on a three year cycle and at Key Stage 2 on a two year cycle. Please see the plans below however if you would like to know more about the school’s curriculum, please contact the Headteacher.  Further information can also be found on the website below.


To find out what each class is learning about this term, click on the links below:

Early Years Foundation Stage

Curriculum Content 2021/22 Cycle 1

Years R 1 and 2

Curriculum Content 2021/22 Cycle 1
Curriculum Content 2022/23 Cycle 2

Years 3, 4 and 5

Curriculum Content 2022/23 Cycle 1
Curriculum Content 2023/24 Cycle 2
Curriculum Content 2021/22 Cycle 3

Year 6

Year 6 Curriculum Content